Sunday, May 18, 2014

Welcome to my Knitting Blog!

So glad you found me here for my new knitting blog!  Here you will find anything knitting, a blog that is set up specifically for knitters. Feathers in the Nest is my main blog but mostly will continue with cross stitching, antiquing and sampler. If you have interests only in knitting, this separate blog is formed especially for you.
Slowly, I will transfer over some of my knitting topics and finishes. I just want to welcome you here.
Summer is a time when I do more cross stitching; therefore, end of Summer, this blog will be buzzing more for all things yarn and cozy.
I learned to knit about 1.5 years ago, mainly through taking a class online and many you tube tutorials. I enjoy knitting quite a bit and I'm glad you do too!!
Become a follower here on the knitting blog so that you can check out current topics as well, separately or concurrently with Feathers in the Nest, sister blog.
I will occasionally do product reviews.
So, click the button to the right to follow and I hope my humble knitting postings will be of interest to you. I'm still learning and I think it's so much fun in the process.  I love to network and learn new things from knitters all over the world! I have some WIPs that need finishing real soon and hope to do those in between catching up on sampler-making as well. If you prefer cross stitching and sampler making only, Feathers in the Nest is the best place to be.

You can follow in other ways. One is by entering your email in the right side bar section and you will receive notification when a post has been written. Google Plus is the other way to follow or simply favorite the page to the computer.

Please congratulate with me Abigail Rennee Fox for being promoted to Project Manager for the social networking sites of Feathers in the Nest and Knitting in My Nest.
She is excited with tail wagging to be of assistance to you!
Clicking my needles,

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  1. Nice to see a blog just for your knitting Jennifer. I've signed up for email. LindaLee


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