Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Knitting Grandma's Basic Dishcloth/Washcloth

Here is a VERY basic dishcloth/washcloth pattern. I've seen this on many freebie sites, major knitting sites like ravelry.com, and many others. I've made some basic garter stitch washcloths, basket weave patterned ones, moss stitch ones, and others. I even made one with a mix of purls and knit stitches for make I <3 Jane Austen on it. This one is hanging in the kitchen. The others I gave as simple gifts in triple or to add to a gift for others.
This Summer I set a goal to make enough of the washcloths in a smaller size for facial cleansing. I take skin care seriously and vigilant about cleansing at night with a clean cotton cloth. I wanted to make at least 10-12 for the guest bathroom as well. I really love the simple basic "Grandma's Dishcloth" pattern with the eyelet edge but have not made one yet. The facial cloths I will put in a basket by the sink in several colors or rolled in the basket in the guest bathroom. My facial cloths are smaller. Washcloths I aim to make approximately 9x 9 inches.  
Inspired by a freebie pattern I got which is of course the same, not original but showed beautiful cotton cloths in many colors. So, I picked up my knitting needles in a size 7, interchangeable ones and started this one. Of course, this starts and works by increasing rows and then at about 50-60 stitches on the needle decreasing down to 4 stitches before binding off.
Here's my morning progress.

A hilarious note is that while I started this and showed it to my DH with the string down, he said, is that a thong?????   I couldn't quit laughing. LOL
No honey, it's going to be a facial cloth. He just laughed.
The colorway is a number only, no name and the yarn is from my stash and is branded Berroco, Nostalgia.
The mix is 46% cotton with acrylic and nylon in it as well.
Ideally, one would use a 100% cotton but my local yarn store owner told me that really as long as the yarn fiber has close to 50% cotton, it can be used as well for cloths.
The texture is actually very soft and the color here is muted with my camera (God help me with this new camera color function!).
For the basic pattern, go to ravelry.com and look up basic washcloth or Grandma's Washcloth.
So in one chair, I have some cloths going and the other chair with my Mighty Brite light I have a cross stitch sampler going.
Paired with some small, special soaps, these cloths are great gifts from the heart.
For the cost, I wouldn't probably use this yarn for facial cloths because I am on a squeaky tight budget, but as far as quality and softness, it's a good pick from my stash.
My very favorite cotton is 100% is Hobby Lobby cotton brand. Great savings with this brand and better quality than Cream and Sugar brand.
Here are a few of my other colors in the stash.
As far as cross stitching samplers, take a look-see at my sister blog, Feathers in the Nest and you'll find progress on this beauty from The Scarlett House designer. Gorgeous colors. Currently frogging out the head though........
I hope you are having a great "knit" day!!!!

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