Thursday, May 22, 2014

Laws of Knitting and a finish!

Hello all lovers of knitting,
I'm sure you most experienced knitters probably have knitted up this pattern many times. I don't know why by now I've not knitted one up as it's a basic learning pattern. I wouldn't say I'm experienced though and enjoy learning on any patterns.
I found a website (where the pattern is taken from) that I thought I would pass on to those newbies or experienced, as it's a real good site for knitting patterns and even beginner lessons.
Called Laws of Knitting, Joan, the author of the website, really explains things well.
Here is my finish:

The colorway is numbered but I would say this is a variation of Robin's Egg blue.
As most people would knit this as the title says, Kitchen Dishcloth Garter Pattern, I, instead, have a goal to make face cloths for the bathroom. I have a basket I want to fill up with different colors.
This pattern teaches:
knit 2 tog
many of the basics to learning to knit
In this pattern you can increase until you have as many stitches as you want, but suggested is 50 on the needle before decreasing. It honestly makes the perfect size for a facecloth.
The yarn is Berroco, Nostalgia.
I had this yarn in my stash from way while back, but my next ones will be knitted with 100% cotton that I have on hand. I find for the lowest cost and best softness and colorway selection, is Hobby Lobby's I love this Cotton.
Bernat cotton also makes a good quality, cotton washcloth.
So what other good websites have you found to be great references for learning?
I hope you are having a great day!


  1. I started knitting two years ago when I was out of work. My cousin sent me a box of good yarn, and I took it from there. I wish I had a dollar for every dish cloth I've knitted! But I've progressed to fingerless mittens, and I think that's an accomplishment. I've also knitting more baby and children hats. All these small projects have really helped me become a better knitting. I hope to work on a sweater soon, but I'm not ready to take the plunge just yet. Good luck with your knitting! I'll check back often.

  2. Oh my am I flattered! Thank you so much for your kind words Jennifer. The date you wrote this blog post was my birthday ~ Yippy! My sister flew out surprised me and just flew back home this morning. I am spending the afternoon checking my email and comments from Laws Of Knitting fans. I just read your comment on Youtube; your kind words have left me speechless ~ That is very hard to do. I will share this link on all my social media sites.
    Oh, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE counted cross stitching as well. I will subscribe to your blog here. Just this morning I mentioned to my sister that I wanted to start a new cross stitch pattern.
    Thank you so much; let's keep in touch.
    xo Joan

  3. Thank you so much for your very kind words Jennifer. I really do appreciate them. I noticed you wrote this blog post on May 22nd; my birthday. My sister flew out to surprise me for my birthday and I am just now getting back on line checking all my emails and comments from my sites. I will share this post on all my social media sites.
    Oh, I want to mention that I love counted cross stitching. I just mentioned to my sister this morning that I wanted to start a new cross stitch pattern. I am now following your blog and we can keep in touch. :)
    Thanks again ~
    xo Joan

  4. You are so welcome! I so enjoy reading through your site and your videos are such a good resource for learning!!!! And Happy Birthday too. Yes, now I have a love of both knitting and cross stitching. I also design sometimes as well. I really love creativity. Welcome to my new knitting blog and to Feathers in the Nest!

  5. I just got my Mom to teach me to knit last December and I am enjoying every minute of it! I also found the wonderful patterns by Laws of Knitting and really enjoy knitting the Double Seed Stitch Washcloth which I have done 3 times now :) I plan to give this one a try soon!


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